I am thrilled to welcome you to my website! I created this site in order to have a platform from which I can share my body of work, resources, and credentials with other theatre artists, educators, and prospective employers. As an artist, I always strive to establish and cultivate relationships with other artists and members of my community. I am hopeful that building and nurturing such verdant relationships today will lead to exciting new partnerships tomorrow. I live and work in Boston, and firmly believe that a community with a strong arts base is a better place to live, and helps to both educate and entertain its citizens. I consider myself a storyteller and theatre-maker, and I attempt to use art to help improve society as a whole, and more immediately, the place I call home.
As hard as it is for me to believe, I've been working steadily in the theatre for over thirty years! During that time, I have had the pleasure to act in over 100 plays and musicals; I have designed, stage managed, technical directed or worked crew on another 50 shows; and I have directed approximately 25 productions. As you can imagine, the purpose of this site is not to try and chronicle all my years in theatre, but rather, to share representative samples from my directing portfolio over the last ten years. Each show is well-documented, and uses production photos, poster designs, reviews, and other relevant materials.
I have also provided a thoroughly detailed Biography that I think helps reflect the evolution of myself as an artist, and shows the wide variety of places I've lived and traveled, jobs I've worked and grown from, and the diversity of the plays I've helped shape.
The primary purpose of my work has always been to entertain. However, I also passionately maintain that entertaining an audience and educating them, are not incompatible. Therefore, I also endeavor to educate, engage with my audience, give voice to the voiceless, power to the powerless, and ultimately serve the needs of the communities I live and work in. 


I appreciate you visiting my site - whether as an old friend, or a new one. If you have any questions, or would like to inquire about hiring me to teach or direct at your school or theatre, please do not hesitate to contact me.  
- Jon Ferreira​​​​

"I want an artistic explosion. I want acting that is poetic and personal, intimate and colossal. I want to encourage the kind of humanity on the stage that demands attention and that expresses who we are and suggests that life is bigger… I want to contribute to a field that will engender moments onstage that broaden the definitions of what it means to be human."

~ Anne Bogart, A Director Prepares

The Tempest (2006)

Jason Beals & Eliza (Lay) Ryan

Photo: Jon Ferreira

   Always...Patsy Cline  (2012)​

   Laura Hodos as Patsy Cline

   Photo: Michael Weston

Macbeth (2010)

Brynne Barnard & Josh Innerst

Photo: Pete Guither

Les Liaisons Dangereuses (2010) 

Colleen Longo as Madame Volanges & Emily Nichelson as Cecile Volanges

Photo: Pete Guither

    The Tempest (2006)

Kurt Clump,

Lindsay Flathers, & Jonathan Overby 

Photo: Jon Ferreira

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